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A la carte Menu

Continuously hot dishes until one hour before closing time.

Fresh and crisp

Caesar salad

Tender chicken breast, bacon, baby cos lettuce, croutons and parmesan, Caesar dressing

CHF 31.00

Chèvre chaud salad (V)

Goat’s cheese with thyme-flavoured honey, mixed salad, Champagne house-dressing

CHF 26.00

Avocado prawn salad

Black Tiger prawns, mixed salad, mild wasabi-sesame dressing

CHF 29.00
as a starter CHF 19.00

Leaf lettuce (V+)

Mixed salad, Pomegranate seeds, dressing of your choice

CHF 19.00

ODEON Classics

Russian egg

Swiss caviar from Frutigen, mustard, mayonnaise, capers

CHF 40.00

Marennes-Oléron oysters

Served on ice, with lemon

3 pieces CHF 18.00

+ 1 glass of Champagne

CHF 17.00

Cool choices

Beef filet tartare

With shallots, gherkins, capers and egg yolk, served with toasted bread and butter      

CHF 39.00
appetizer CHF 22.00

Avocado tartare (V+)

With shallots, tomatoes and lime juice, served with toasted bread

CHF 24.00
appetizer CHF 14.00

Swiss gravlax, home-pickled

On a leaf salad, plus honey-mustard sauce, served with toasted bread

ca. 120 g CHF 34.00
ca. 50 g CHF 17.00

ODEON platter

Tender dried beef, smoked sausages, selection of cheese, olives and antipasti, served with rosemary focaccia

enough for two CHF 34.00
appetizer CHF 22.00


Homemade pumpkin gnocchi (V)

Hokkaido pumpkin, fresh herbs, Grana Padano

CHF 31.00

Hot favourites

ODEON Burger – the original house recipe

200 g Beef, chef sauce, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, with fried rosemary-potato slices and coleslaw

CHF 31.00

Fried egg / cheese / bacon

each CHF 2.00

Truffle aioli

CHF 2.50

Zürcher Geschnetzeltes

Sliced veal in a creamy mushrooms sauce, served with rösti

CHF 42.00

Wiener Schnitzel

Veal schnitzel, served witha classic potato and cucumber salad

CHF 43.00

Club Sandwich

Chicken slices, bacon, egg, tomatoes, onions and cucumber, served with fried rosemary-potato slices or salad

CHF 27.00

Penne alla Josè (V+)

Pasta, tomatoes, rocket salad, basil, olive oil and cedar kernels

CHF 26.00

Sweet temptations

Home-made apple strudel

Viennese style, with creamy vanilla sauce

CHF 13.00

Viennese Palatschinken

Two warm Viennese pancakes with homemade apricot jam and whipped cream

CHF 12.00

Viennese iced coffee

Vanilla ice cream with coffee and whipped cream

CHF 13.00

«Berry nice»

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with warm forest berries and whipped cream

CHF 15.00

Swiss ice cream

Vanilla, chocolate, mango-passion fruit, lemon, coffee, stracciatella, pistachio

per scoop CHF 5.00

whipped cream

CHF 2.00

Homemade chocolate cake from our Mamacita

With whipped cream

CHF 9.00

(V+) = Vegan
(V) = Vegetarian

Only Swiss meat, certified fish and free-range eggs are used in all the Fred Tschanz establishments. Wherever it makes sense, we choose organic and regional products.
Exception: Our Black Tiger prawns are originated from Vietnam, our oysters from France.

The kitchen is open throughout the day until one hour before closing time.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding allergens.